Rekt Redemption Airdrop

100% bonus for liquidity providers on UniSwap

Note: Bonus REKTR will be distributed immediately after verifying liquidity lock
Investor must lock for one week via Unicrypt to get bonus REKTR
8000 REKTR will be given away-- First 533 participants will receive 15 REKTR
Airdrop Date will be 10 November 2020 - Uniswap Listing 12 November 2020
Rekt Redemption Ecosytem

the parts, pieces & bits


Simple ERC-20 token with governance. The reward that fuels redemption process on platform.

Staking + Rewards

Provide Liquidity or stake on platform to recieve more rewards & give rewards to others.

Community + Governance

HODL REKTR and decide on future direction of the platform


Free REKTR and on-going rewards for those scammed in the DeFi space.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Rekt Redemption and REKTR Token.
It’s a redemption project that will donate tokens to those scammed on choice projects. It is also a governance token where you can help decide the future of the platform Your ticket to redemption… A small percentage goes to those Rekt on select projects
1 )Stake token on site 2) Provide liquidity and stake LP to Earn more REKTR 3) Stake stable coin DAI, USDT, USDC on our portal
REKTR will be sold at the price of 10 REKTR = 1 ETH. It will list on Uniswap at 5 REKTR = 1 ETH.
The Pre-Sale will be held on October 31, 2020 1600 UTC time
No. The Founders and Team will be transparent. You can follow us..Add us on LinkedIn. We will only add members who wish to be transparent.
When you stake.....Our smart contract will donate a small amount of REKTR to a current wallet that holds the current Rekt Reward for the week. Additionally, a small amount will go to the original Pre-Sale contributors.
By going to the stake portal at:
Connect wallet and follow instructions
We have a shortlist of projects that we are aware of and we will ask that you vote on Telegram to add and finalize the list.
We will verify the holders by address and distribute. The process may be different for rekted projects that didn't distribute Token
Staking begins with a week after the sale launch...maybe sooner.